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What Is A USB Interface? Structure Of The USB Interface

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What Is A USB Interface? Structure Of The USB Interface

What Is A USB Interface?

Connectors can be seen everywhere in real life, such as ordinary computer USB interfaces, mobile phone charging interfaces, precision electronic connectors, waterproof connectors, etc., but I believe many people do not know the detailed structure of the connector, such as the connector is made of free It is composed of USB interface (plug) at the end and USB interface (socket) at the fixed end.

What is a USB interface?

The contact part of the USB interface is the core part to realize the connection.

The normal connection is a contact pair composed of positive and negative parts, which is completed by the insertion of the female and male contact parts.

1. The positive contact part is a hard part, and its shape is cylindrical (pin), square cylindrical (pin) or flat.

2. The negative contact is the socket, which is the key part of the contact. It relies on the elastic force generated by the elastic deformation during the plugging process to make close contact with the positive and negative contacts to complete the connection. There are many kinds of structures, such as cantilever beam type, cylindrical type, box type, tuning fork type and hyperbolic spring jack, etc.

The insulator of the connector is also called the base or the rubber core.

Its function is to arrange the position and spacing of the contact parts according to the requirements, so as to ensure the insulation performance between the contact parts and the housing and between the contact parts.

The shell of the connector, also called the shell, is the protective part of the connector.

This part provides the mechanical protection of the inner rubber core and pins, and the alignment when the male and female sockets are mated to ensure that the USB interface can be used normally.

The shell is generally made of stainless steel (cooling extrusion, die-casting), and the steel shell is used for glass sealing and high temperature resistant connectors.

The USB interface can easily add devices to the computer without occupying the parallel port and serial port of the computer. Just plug it in and use it, but it can also be difficult to use at times.

The Characteristics Of The USB Interface.

1. The pin contact surface adopts elastic design to ensure good contact performance and long life requirements.

2. Provide various types of interface designs, such as AType/BType/MiniUSB interface.

3. Meet the high temperature resistance requirements of multiple welding equipment parameters.

4. The installation form can adopt DIP/SMT/clamp type/welding wire type.

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