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Dajiang Electronics has been specializing in research and development and manufacturing for 19 years:

Energy storage plug, new energy plug, low lead California 65 plug, PCB board end plug, high current plug, copper non-magnetic and nickel free plug, high-end environmentally friendly waterproof plug, medical non-magnetic plug, medical stainless steel plug, automatic soldering plug, locking tooth plug, DC power plug, headphone plug, audio plug, mobile phone plug, laptop plug

The main target customer group of Dajiang Plug:

DC power cord factory, wired headphone factory, energy storage power supply factory, switch power supply, power adapter factory, audio microphone wire factory, medical wire factory, lighting and lighting power cord factory, toy charging wire factory, mobile phone charging wire factory, laptop charging wire factory, TV audio frequency wire factory, medical wire factory, energy storage power supply factory

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Welcome to Dongguan Dajiang Electronics Co., Ltd!

Dongguan Dajiang Electronic Co., Ltd. is a large scale manufacturing unit specializing in DC connecting plugs, dc power cable, audio plug, audio cable, micro usb cable, laptop plug, usb power plug, lead cable, usb data cable, type c cable.

Rich Experience

Dajiang factory has accumulated sufficient production experience and is supported by abundant technology potential and production strength.

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Our factory keeps on following the policy of "quality first and credit superior", and we have been providing customers with top class products and quality services.

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USA, UK, JP, IR, FR, GER, IT 64 countries. Annual sales of 200 million yuan.

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Based on the principle of "conducting ourselves well first, then making decision; making friends before doing business for mutual benefits", we are looking forward to getting great achievements together with you by heart-to-heart cooperation and common efforts.
Since 2005
200+ People
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3.5mm Stereo 28L Screw Thread Headphone Plug.png

What are the Best Materials for Durable Headphone Plugs? When it comes to headphone plugs, durability is a key factor that determines the longevity and performance of your audio equipment. The material composition of headphone plugs plays a crucial role in their resilience and sound quality. Here’s

23 May 2024
Custom Dual 3.5 Revolution Female Phone Aircraft Adapter 3.5 One Minute Two Audio Converter Head Aviation Adapter.png

### Understanding the Differences Between an Adapter Plug and a Voltage Converter When traveling internationally or using electronic devices from different regions, understanding the differences between an adapter plug and a voltage converter is crucial. Both devices play distinct roles in ensuring

21 May 2024
6.3mm Mono Nickel Plated Audio Cable.png

Title: Exploring the Fundamental Contrasts: Analog vs. Digital Audio-Video CablesIntroduction:In the realm of audio and video transmission, understanding the differences between analog and digital cables is crucial for optimizing sound and picture quality. Analog and digital signals represent two di

15 May 2024
M8 IP65 Wire Waterproof Connector.png

Introduction:Electrical connectors play a crucial role in various industries, facilitating the transmission of power, signals, and data between different components and systems. While standard electrical connectors are designed to provide reliable connections in typical indoor environments, waterpro

07 May 2024
Solar Connectors for Solar Pv System.png

Title: Advantages of Solar Connectors in PV SystemsSolar energy has become a leading source of renewable power, with photovoltaic (PV) systems playing a significant role in harnessing solar energy for electricity generation. Within these systems, the use of solar connectors offers distinct advantage

30 April 2024
6.3 Mm Gold Plated Jack.png

Introduction:In the realm of audio connectivity, a myriad of connectors facilitates the transmission of sound signals between various devices. Among these connectors, microphone jacks hold a prominent place, serving as essential conduits for capturing and transmitting audio from microphones to recor

28 April 2024

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