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Welcome to Dongguan Dajiang Electronics Co., Ltd!

Dongguan Dajiang Electronic Co., Ltd. is a large scale manufacturing unit specializing in DC connecting plugs, dc power cable, audio plug, audio cable, micro usb cable, laptop plug, usb power plug, lead cable, usb data cable, type c cable.

Rich Experience

Dajiang factory has accumulated sufficient production experience and is supported by abundant technology potential and production strength.

Customer First

Our factory keeps on following the policy of "quality first and credit superior", and we have been providing customers with top class products and quality services.

Production Market

USA, UK, JP, IR, FR, GER, IT 64 countries. Annual sales of 200 million yuan.

Our Advantages

Based on the principle of "conducting ourselves well first, then making decision; making friends before doing business for mutual benefits", we are looking forward to getting great achievements together with you by heart-to-heart cooperation and common efforts.
Since 2005
200+ People
24 Hours
20000 ㎡
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1.Degree Dc Cable.jpg

DC Jack power connectors are an important part of modern electronic gadgets that use a direct current (DC) power supply. DC power connectors are the way to go if you need to connect external power sources, such as AC adapters or batteries, to electronic devices like laptops, tablets, routers, or oth

30 November 2023
1.DC Power Extension Cable.jpg

You've completed the initial phases of your new design and are eager to see the project through to completion, but there are a few jobs left to complete, like selecting the low voltage dc input power connector. Choosing the correct dc power connector is a simple operation that may be accomplished qu

30 November 2023

USB is an abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus. A "bus" is a circuit layout or communication system that is used to convey data between system components. In this scenario, a "serial" bus sends data one bit at a time over a single cable. A USB connector, on the other hand, can not only transfer d

30 November 2023

Whether you're connecting your computer to a display or setting up your home entertainment system, selecting the appropriate video cables is critical to ensuring the greatest possible experience. With so many various types of video cables and connections on the market, selecting one can quickly beco

30 November 2023
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ISO, CE, ROHS, REACH, Trademark of Dajiang and BLE

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