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3 In 1 Magnetic Charging Cable

a.Internal copper wire,good conductivity,support fast charge
b.Inside each core line with 250D anti-wire drawing
increase product tensite and service life
c.Plug using anti reflux program to support
fast charge,even if the short circuit Will not burn the phone
d.Products using PE nets weaving,tensile strengthis extremely strong
e.The unique design of zinc alloy Shell,glazing process,prevent scratch,increasethe feeling and gloss
Material:Aluminum alloy+Nylon braided cord
Support:Micro-USB,IProduct,Type-C interface devices
System:for Android and iOS

In today's fast-paced world, where technology is rapidly advancing, charging cables have become an essential part of our lives. We all have experienced the inconvenience of having different types of cables for different devices, which can create clutter and confusion. To address this challenge, we have designed a revolutionary solution - the 3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable.

Our magnetic charging cable is an all-in-one solution that can charge all your devices - iPhones, Android phones, and tablets -with a single cable. The magnetic design of the cable allows for easy and secure attachment, eliminating the need for different cables, adapters, and tangled wires.

In this product introduction, we will discuss the unique features and benefits of our 3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable, and how it can make your merchants' lives easier.

Design and Quality

Our 3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable is built with high-quality materials and advanced technology, making it durable, efficient, and easy to use. The cable is made of premium nylon braided material, which ensures flexibility and damage resistance. The magnetic connectors are made of high-grade metal, which provides strong connectivity and long-lasting performance.

The cable's compact design and lightweight construction make it easy to carry around and use on-the-go. The cable's connectors are compatible with any device, regardless of the charging port orientation, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of devices.

Compatibility and Versatility

Our 3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable is compatible with all devices that use micro-USB, type-C, and lightning ports, allowing for hassle-free charging of all devices. The magnetic connectors make it easy to switch between devices, without the need for multiple cables or adapters. Our magnetic charging cable can also support high-speed charging, ensuring that your merchants' devices are quickly charged and ready to use.

Durability and Convenience

Our 3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable is built to last, with a high-quality nylon braided cable that withstands wear and tear. The connectors are also designed to be durable, with a sturdy metal housing that ensures long-lasting performance.

The magnetic design of our cable provides a convenient and easy way to attach and detach the cable from devices without any hassle. The magnetic connectors ensure that the cable stays securely attached, avoiding any disruptions during charging.

Safety and Reliability

Our 3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable is designed to be safe and reliable, with advanced features for protection against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits. The cable is certified by major safety organizations, ensuring that it meets all safety standards and regulations.


Our 3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable is a versatile, efficient, and highly convenient solution for charging all types of devices. Its durable and reliable design ensures that merchants can use it for a long time, and the magnetic connectors offer a hassle-free way to charge devices. With its high-quality construction and advanced safety features, our charging cable is the perfect solution for merchants looking to streamline their charging needs.

We are confident that our 3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable will be an ideal addition to your product range, offering a valuable and indispensable solution for merchants worldwide. Contact us today to place an order, and experience the convenience and versatility of our magnetic charging cable.

Product Feature:

1. Convenient charging: strong magnetic blind suction automatic calibration docking charging, one second absorption, instant charging

2. Protective interface: magnetic suction is unpluggable, protecting the mobile phone interface

3. Multi-use: It supports all models of Android Micro, Type-C and other options, and is compatible with all mobile phones

4. One-handed operation: no traditional alignment jack charging is required, reducing the risk of charging while driving

5. Night indication: With breathing light, you can quickly find the magnetic suction line to charge your mobile phone in the dark

6. Dustproof function: magnetic suction head acts as dustproof plug



Place of Origin



Brand Name



1m 1.5m 2m(Customized)


magnetic charging cable 3 in 1


Mobile Phone Charging


zinc alloy Shell, PE, Nylon Braided






Lighting+Type- C+Micro USB


Cusotmized Logo


1000pcs per PE & carton


2.4A Fast Charging and transfer data

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