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Precautions For Using The USB Type C Interface

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Precautions For Using The USB Type C Interface

Precautions For Using The USB Type C Interface

The TypeC interface is obviously the development direction of the current USB application, because of its fast transmission speed, efficient and fast plug-in design, and reliable performance. At present, the newly-launched Android phones on the market are basically USB type C interfaces, and more and more newly-launched Apple laptops and even PCs will use the Type C interface. But the popularity and rapid development of the TypeC interface is not always smooth sailing. In the marketing process, the application of the USB Type C interface will also encounter some problems and precautions. On the surface, the same interface may have different working modes during use.

Users of the USB Type C interface need to know that incorrect use of the interface may cause the phone to spontaneously ignite or explode. Because in the past few generations of USB interfaces, you don't need to care too much about the adaptability of the interface. If you plug the USB1.0 interface into the USB2.0 interface, you can work normally in most cases. In this case, most people don't need to think about which interface to buy.

However, this is not the case with USB type C. Ignoring this could cost you dearly. For example, because the USB-C connector and interface support faster charging than USB-A, one end of the cable connects to the old USB-A connector, and the other end connects to the new generation USB-C connector. If you use one of the ports to plug a USB-A device (such as a phone) into a USB-C port, the phone may drain so much that the USB-C port or even the phone explodes.

Not all USB Typec ports are created equal

If you use the USB Typea interface, things will be easier, because basically anything that can be plugged in will work. But this is not the case with the USB Type-C interface. Typec adapters or wires may work sometimes, but sometimes they may not. It depends on the features provided by your device.

Although the USB Typec interface is a trend, it is really troublesome to use a device with only a USB-Typec interface. As MacBook Pro users, they should have a deep understanding of this. With the rapid development of electronic devices over the years, USB interfaces have been widely used in various hard drives, printers and other devices. The switch to the Typec connector means those wires are no longer used to support the laptop.

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