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All Kinds of Dc Power Cords

Our DC Power Cable/Cord
1.Environmental Friendly
3.Ex-factory price
4.excellent quality

The All Kinds of DC Power Cords is a premium range of power cords that cater to a wide range of applications. Our range is designed to meet the varying needs of different industries, and our products are engineered to provide outstanding performance, durability, and efficiency. With years of experience in manufacturing, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with high-quality and cost-effective products that meet their requirements.

Why Choose All Kinds of DC Power Cords:

Here are some of the main aspects that set our range of power cords apart from other products in the market.

1. High-Quality Construction:

Our range is manufactured using high-quality materials that are carefully selected to ensure durability and longevity. We use top-quality copper conductors, which are the most important component of any power cord. Our conductors are made from high-purity materials to ensure maximum conductivity, resulting in optimum power delivery.

2. Wide Range of Applications:

The All Kind of DC Power Cords is designed to cater to a wide range of applications. Our range is suitable for use in appliances, instruments, computers, and other electronic devices. Whether you need power cords for your home, office, or industrial equipment, we have you covered.

3. Versatile:

Our range of power cords comes in a variety of lengths and configurations, making it easy for you to find a cord that fits your needs. We offer cords with different connectors, including straight, angled, and shielded, to suit different applications.

4. High Efficiency:

Our power cords are engineered to provide high efficiency, resulting in energy savings and lower operating costs for our clients. Our cords are designed to reduce power consumption and minimize heat dissipation, which further ensures cost-effectiveness.

5. Reliable:

All Kinds of DC Power Cords are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our products are rigorously tested to ensure their reliability and durability. We guarantee that our power cords will serve you for a long time without any issues.


In summary, the All Kinds of DC Power Cords is a range of high-quality and versatile power cords that cater to a wide range of applications. With careful construction and superior engineering, our products provide high efficiency, reliability, and durability, making them the ideal choice for your power cord needs. We are confident in the quality of our range and are committed to providing our clients with the best products and services. Contact us today to place your order or inquire further about our products.

The DC power cable is produced with 2 cores cooper wire. The wire gauge has the 20AWG/22AWG/24AWG/26AWG/28AWG for choosing. And the charging current is decided to the wire gauge. So before the order, you have to know the charging current as input or output of your application, then we can know which is suitable for your devices. The different length can be made as 1m/2m/3m. The most important is the DC SIZE which include the DC 5521 5525 3.5*1.5 more options. We will choose the right DC size according to your requires.

Product name

DC power cable

DC size



male to female or M-M, F-F


support 5V 12V 24V DC power cable



Wire gauge

24AWG, or 22AWG/26AWG/28AWG





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