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3.5mm 1.1mm Waterproof DC Power Cable

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When it comes to servicing power to various devices, a waterproof DC power cable is an essential component that helps power equipment and ensures that it stays protected from environmental factors. The 3.5mm 1.1mm waterproof DC power cable is a versatile accessory that can be used for a diverse range of applications.

The 3.5mm 1.1mm waterproof DC power cable has been specifically designed to provide reliable power transmission between electrical equipment and a power source. It features a durable, insulated design that helps protect the inner conductors from the damaging effects of moisture and water exposure.

The cable measures 1.1mm in diameter, making it slim and easy to install in tight spaces. At the same time, the cable specifications have been engineered to ensure optimal power delivery while minimizing electrical losses that can affect overall system performance.

One of the key features of this cable is its waterproof design. It has been designed to have an IP68 rating, which means it can remain fully functional even when exposed to water and other environmental factors. This makes it ideal for outdoor applications, such as solar panels, outdoor lighting systems, surveillance cameras, and many others.

Another aspect that makes this cable appealing to merchants is its versatility. This cable is compatible with a wide range of electrical equipment, including CCTV cameras, LED lighting systems, routers, and other electronic devices that require the stable, reliable power supply. This versatility makes it a must-have component for a variety of industries, such as security, telecommunications, automotive, and many others.

The cable is also incredibly easy to install, thanks to its compact design and flexible construction. It can be routed through tight spaces and around obstacles without any issues, making it ideal for use in areas with limited space or complex layouts.

In addition to being waterproof, this cable is also highly resistant to temperature extremes. It can operate at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C, making it suitable for use in even the harshest of environments.

Overall, the 3.5mm 1.1mm waterproof DC power cable is an essential accessory for anyone who requires a waterproof, reliable, and easy-to-install power cable. Its high-quality construction, versatility, and exceptional performance make it an ideal choice for merchants looking for the best products to offer their customers. With this cable, you can rest assured that your equipment will stay powered up and protected from the elements, no matter what.

Our DC Power Cable/Cord

1.Environmental Friendly
3.Ex-factory price
4.excellent quality


3.5mm 1.1mm male and female waterproof DC power cable , DC power cord





Wire Gauge

22AWG, 24AWG and 26AWG....

DC Tip:

5.5/2.1 5.5/2.5 4.0/1.7 3.5/1.35 2.0/0.6.....


1M or as your request

Optional Lenght:

1/1.5m/2m or customized

Optional DC Tip:

5.5*2.1mm/5.5*2.5/3.5 *1.35mm/4.75 * 1.7mm/5.5*1.7mm/7.4*0.6mm etc

Outer Coating:

PVC or other


Poly bag, Carton or customized

Delivery time:

7-12 days or based on the quantity


anti-interference high-definition high fidelity low loss

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